Lexington Church of Christ

Through Serving God, Loving People, Building Relationships, and Changing Lives



We love having the opportunity to personally welcome you to our services each week. Our door greeters can answer any questions, invite you to our Coffee & Donut time (between Main services 10:15 – 10:45 a.m.) and direct you to the children’s classrooms and bathrooms. Due to COVID-19, greetings may appear a little different than our 'normal' including the availability of hand sanitizer at the welcome table. Also, the Coffee & Donut time has been discontinued until further notice.


Our worship hour is a time of authentic worship & praise. We offer a blend of contemporary music style often incorporating the rich messages of traditional hymns. The music team is made of musicians on keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, vocalists and sometimes features other instruments as well. The music team’s goal is to facilitate and encourage others in celebratory praise of our God. They set the tone and establish the theme of the service through the songs. When visiting, you are welcome to take in and enjoy the music, or join in if you know the songs.


Messages are brought to you each week that are relevant to your every day life. They include topics that are important for you, where you work, how you live, how you feel about yourself, how you feel about your past and future. These are just some of the topics we discuss at L.C.C. The messages are based on biblical principles and you get to look first hand at what the bible says to you. Why is the Bible important? Who is Jesus and what about Him is relevant to me today? Join us and find out for yourself.

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